Company Simity

Company introduction

Mei Chu Ent. Co. Ltd. (Chun Ming Wooden Crafts Co., Ltd.) was incorporated in 1975 in central Taiwan for the production of bamboo crafts. Due to the considerations of market development and sources of raw materials, the production of wooden products and jewelry boxes was initiated in 1982 and then moved to small furniture in 1990 for sales in European, American, and Japanese markets. The Company’s products are trusted in market and popular to customers. We are proud of our zero product defect and prompt delivery, which are loved by our customers!

Company background

The Company had first established the first factory in Suzhou City, China in early 1990 with an area of 35,000㎡ and over 350 employees on the payroll for the production and exporting business of wooden hangers by taking advantage of the location and rich wood source in China; also, the competition advantage and selling price. The Company had become one of the major suppliers of wooden hangers in Japan.

The Company had established the second offshore factory in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam in 2000 with an area of 102,166㎡ and 600 employees on the payroll for the market development of furniture in Japan. Folding screens, low tables, and mirror stand are the strong suite of the company.


The Company had established the third furniture factory in Nan-Lang Industrial Park of Zhongshan City, China in 2003 with an area of 35,000㎡ and around 500 employees on the payroll. The Company had applied and qualified for ISO 9002 certification for the production of office supplies including MDF and Particle board; also,

small furniture for living room and bed room. The products are exported to the United States, England, and France; also, become one of the top mailing order manufacturers in Japan. The Company has successfully built up stable and loyal customer base.
The Company had Summer Plus Co., Ltd., the subsidiary, established at the end of 2011 after careful assessment and planning for the domestic distribution and sales of wooden children furniture. The Company expects to import quality, styling, and safe children furniture and related products from Europe and Asia for the choice of consumers in Taiwan based on the Company’s professional insight and years of experience in the production of wooden furniture.


The Company’s vision for the future, in terms of exporting business, is to maintain high standard of quality requirements and to cooperate with more customers and combine the design concepts of customers through OEM/ODM to seek for the sustainable welfare and growth of both sides. In terms of domestic business planning, in addition to the distribution of Japanese children furniture, the Company intends to contact more brands in the United States and Europe for the diversified distribution of Summer Plus Co., Ltd. Summer Plus Co., Ltd. plans to have a large entity shop setup for products display once the online sales are stabilized and growing in order to introduce and exhibit the spirit of goods. The Company aims to become one of the famous brands of children furniture in Taiwan.